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Helen's Whoopi Goldberg Tribute

Whoopi Goldberg Contest
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Whoopi Goldberg Contest

Every year on this page of the website there will be a whoopi contest. What happens is I set you a yearly written task or art work on a chosen whoopi subject. You the contestant e-mail me your work, essay etc for me to judge the entries and decide on the winning masterpiece. The winner will win a cool Whoopi prize. Prize stated on page at the date the contest is started. I will email the lucky winner to let them know they have won such and such a thing. This contest was originally done at Stacey's Whoopi Pages but has been transferred over here now.
The Contest begins in Sept and I will print the Topic on this page before the start date and will also enclose closing date for all entries. All entries will be printed here on this page. If its a script it will be divid between here and the Message Board of this website. So even if you are not a winner your masterpiece will still be added.

Write a fictional script  to fit Whoopi, explaining the following.
The Plot.
The type of character Whoopi would portay.
A bit about the other fictional characters including their character names.
I will put all the scripts into the Message Board of the site. I will judge all the entries and choose 2 runners up and the Winner. The 2 runner up scripts and the winners will be put into the fanfic section of the website.
Competition begins on the 20th Sept and closes on the 1st Dec to allow time for creation of Script, so could I ask that all entries be e-mailed to me and handed in to me by 1st Dec so that I can then judge all entries. When I have chosen the 2 runners up and Winner I will e-mail you to confirm that you have won and sort out details of how to mail your prize to you. Now for...
2 Runner's up will recieve a Whoopi Video or DVD of their choice
The Winner will recieve a Whoopi Video or DVD of their choice plus matching Soundrack of your chosen Video or DVD. If I cannot get the matching soundtrack then I will get you the winner the Soundtrack of your choice.