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Helen's Whoopi Goldberg Tribute

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This is the trivia page for Whoopi Goldberg. If you email your answers to me I will announce the winner and add another set of Question's Each month answers to previous Trivia will appear at the foot of the new game! GOOD LUCK

1, Whoopi Co-Starred in a film with Actor/Boyfriend Ted Danson in 1993 What was the film's Title?

A, Sister Act 2
B, Sister Act
C, Made in America
D, Corrina Corrina

2, Whoopi Had a brief guest appearance in which Film?

A, Titanic
B, Picture Perfect
C, In and Out
D, My Best Friend's Wedding

3, Name her live-in Boyfriend of 4 year's?

A, Frank Langella
B, Ted Danson
C, Tom Selleck
D, Robin Williams

4, Name her Daughter?

A, Alexandrea martin
B, Sarah
C, Kim
D, Chloe

5, Which Film earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress?

A, Moonlight and Valentino
B, Deep End Of The Ocean
C, How Stella Got Her Groove Back
D, Ghost

6, On Boys on the Side which Roy Orbison song did she duet?

A, Pretty Paper
B, Pretty Woman
C, I Drove all Night
D, You Got It

7, Which film was her Big Break?

A, Jumpin Jack Flash
B, Fatal Beauty
C, Burgular
D, The Color Purple

8, Which Sitcom did she star in?

A, Friends
B, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
C, Bagdad Cafe
D, Fraizer

9, She appeared in a film as a Guest, Which other female film star also had a Guest appearance in the same film?

A, Drew Barrymore
B, Glenn Close
C, Kathleen Turner
D, Julia Roberts

9, What food does Whoopi Hate?

A, Bacon
B, Eggs
C, Rice
D, Fish